Friday, June 11, 2010

Some explanation required

So I thought I'd explain the name of my blog, I guess I could just leave everyone wondering or pass it off as random but there is a reason. It comes from a quote by the 4th Doctor "I'm not a party to any nonsense." as he is putting his hat on a suit of armour. I thought it quite appropriate since I'm a willing participant in all sorts of nonsense because I like to enjoy life and have fun. "There's no point being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes." as the 4th Doctor said is a statement I live by. Now I'm not always silly and childish, I can be quite mature and mannerly and professional when I need to be. So basically I can get along great with kids and then go socialize well with adults, I think my only problem is fitting it with people my age. Granted I have friends that I get along great with but they have to have similar interests otherwise I'm just the nice but kind of strange girl in the group of typical young people. Not that I really have a problem with this, I have my friends and they are what count and I don't really care what other people thing since I would like to think that I'm not normal because being unique is more fun! I guess I didn't tangent to far off the beginning of this post. So to wrap it up I am very much a party to nonsense when the time and place for it is right.

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